24 - Years Of Experience
CV TransKomunika Kencana (shortened into TransKomunika), formerly operating with label of TransBahasa, is a provider of services and solutions in intercultural and inter-language communication. As the “succession” of TransBahasa Services, we have more than 18 years experiences in providing the best service in national and international market.With “With us, language is your power” slogan, TransKomunikasia focused on providing services for individual and institution also for companies in Indonesia to improve their existence in ASEAN region and worldwide, and reinforce services and marketing of the multinational companies in Indonesia. Yes, we do care of your success.
Our Story
Love of language is the fuel of these services.
Getting started as one-man business to provide a local publisher, growing with a couple of linguists to meet the deadlines, now we are a solid team of excellent linguists to provide tens of clients, chanelling meaning and messages, helping companies present their brands stunningly in new territories.
From one room working space, we now occupy two studio offices to serve you, backed with the four internet lines, and 15 inhouse linguists dan few freelancers.
Starting from single languge pair, English-Indonesian, we now add several Asean languages to our service list.

With us, Language is your Power

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We have ISO-27001:2013 Certification for Information Security Management System