Last Saturday (June 04, 2022) witnessed an important milestone that marked Transkomunika's readiness to welcome the increasingly challenging future of the world of translation. The ISO Transkom team, which was formed in November 2021, won the ISO 27001: 2013 Certificate on Information Security Management Systems with almost perfect scores. There are several aspects that are assessed, starting from commitment, readiness, planning, implementation, auditing, and human resources in each division.

Of the management and five divisions assessed, only one minor note was found by the external auditor of URS. Minor notes were immediately addressed in a short time. This means that Transkomunika is considered capable of implementing the ISO 27001: 2013 standard by the International Auditor whose capacity is well known among large companies in Indonesia.

Submission of ISO 27001: 2013 Certificate by URS as Auditor.

Transkomunika was represented by Operational Manager, Singgih Kiswantoro

Increasing Factors Related to ISO 27001:2013

The ISO 27001 Transkomunika team is chaired by Iwan Kurniarahman, who also serves as IT Manager. This team has to go through various stages, struggle and work hard every day for months to complete various targets. There are many aspects that must be considered, starting from the risk assessment process, organizational structure, information classification, access control mechanisms, physical and technical security, information security policies, procedures, monitoring guidelines, and reporting. Furthermore, the team carried out a thorough risk, problem, and hazard identification process with the help of ISO Consultants who are experienced in handling various leading national companies in Indonesia. This whole process is an important lesson for all team members, while also improving data security in the company as a whole.

Data Security Commitment at Leader Level

Data Security is only a matter of data transfer via email and FTP? It wasn't so. From the process of managing ISO 27001, the Transkom team learned that data security starts from the top-down level. Leaders must be totally and totally committed to data security at all levels. Thus, all risks and hazards can be identified from the start. Likewise, the strengths and opportunities that are important factors for business sustainability will also be easily recognized.

“ISO helps us identify risks and turn them into opportunities,” said Zaki Ryan, President Director of Transkomunika. “ISO helps strengthen organizational performance so that even the slightest threat of data leakage can be minimized. So, Transkomunika not only guarantees quality, but also data security. That's our commitment."

So, ISO 27001 is really a game changer that can maintain organizational solidity and improve organizational operations.

Data Security in Translation Workflow

After the leadership confirms its commitment, the Team begins to standardize and implement the existing work procedures by referring to the ISO 27001 Standard. Work procedures and best practices that have not been recorded neatly have begun to be standardized and applied to all lines, from operations to finance.

"One of the main challenges in implementing ISO 27001 is ensuring that our human resources are aware of, understand, and implement the principles and actions that prioritize data security," said Singgih as Operations Manager who is responsible for daily operations at the office.

Answering this challenge is not as easy as turning the hand. Various socialization and communication efforts, both formal and informal, are continuously encouraged so that the personnel not only understand the theory, but can also carry out the practice.

The data security process does not only start from the moment of acceptance of the job, but long before that. The team continues to accelerate the process of preparing physical and non-physical personnel and infrastructure. One example is software.

“As a leading translation agency, all personnel use officially licensed software. Our internet channel also complies with data security standards,” added Iwan as IT manager.

In addition to HRD and infrastructure, the operational team applies data storage procedures, translation procedures, and data transmission procedures to ensure that any gaps in data leakage can be closed and prevented.

Secure file transfer

Even though free email platforms already provide a sufficient level of security, they still have loopholes for malicious outsiders to penetrate and access. The vulnerability will increase again if you use a pirated operating system (OS). The combination is dangerous and can be a weak point that could allow highly confidential client data to leak into the hands of the wrong people.

“For data such as confidential company information, security data , financial data, data related to legal processes, it is important to have a secure infrastructure and personnel who understand information security,” said Dendy, Transkomunika IT staff who has very experience in various leading companies in the country.

“Transkomunika is able and able to maintain data security, and ensure client data is safe at every stage. The proof is that we passed with the maximum score,” he concluded.

Not the End of Effort

“For us, the most important thing is to maintain the trust and trust from our clients. This ISO certificate is just an effort that we are serious about maintaining their data security.” Zaki said.

It is very important for any company to safeguard client data, be it regular data or confidential data. This ISO 27001 certificate is proof that Transkomunika is truly committed to maintaining the trust and trust of its clients. Transkomunika even plans to go a step further by daring to audit its working procedures.

"With this certificate, Transkomunika further strengthens its position as one of the leading translation agencies in Indonesia," concluded Zaki.

Congratulations and success for Transkomunika.

Author: Anton

Editor : Heri



We have ISO-27001:2013 Certification for Information Security Management System