Why Website Localization is Crucial for Your Business?

Your website is a great place for you to interact with your audience/customers. In some cases, it doesn’t even need personal touch because your customers can consult the FAQ, Your Privacy Policy, or Terms of Service. If you really want to get better engagement with your audience, you can have an interactive conversation on your website in their native language. It takes more manpower and thus costs, but it is valuable to strengthen your customer loyalty.

Happy International Translation Day, Happy Translators!

While I was a senior high school student, I never imagined being a translator. Never in my life, I crossed paths with a translator, either in the books I read, the TV shows I watched, or the meetings I visited. In a small agricultural world where I live, translation and translator are just out of touch. The only profession with requires English proficiency is a language teacher. That’s the closest profession to the translator, I think.



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